Victorian england dating etiquette

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Needless to say, deciding who you should marry is a major choice and should never be entered into lightly or while drinking alcohol.So the process of courtship has always been a big deal, even though it has changed dramatically over the years.Consider the titles "Refusal on the grounds of dislike", "Refusal on the grounds of unsteadiness of the suitor", and "Refusal on the grounds that the suitor is much younger than herself".Upon careful thought, however, these letters can be seen to be sober testimony to the general tenor of society in the third quarter of nineteenth century America.Courtship and Marriage in Victorian England draws on little-known conduct books, letter-writing manuals, domestic guidebooks, periodical articles, letters, and novels to reveal what the period equivalents of "dating" and "tying the knot" were like in the Victorian era.By addressing topics such as the etiquette of introductions and home visits, the roles of parents and chaperones, the events of the London season, model love letters, and the specific challenges facing domestic servants seeking spouses, author Jennifer Phegley provides a fascinating examination of British courtship and marriage rituals among the working, middle, and upper classes from the 1830s to the 1910s.Usually the tone of the letter is vague and contains assurances that the honored lady thanks the gentleman for his offer but she cannot accept his proposal.

Because of this, courtship was an extremely codified affair.

Women, on the other hand, had it even worse than they did during the Renaissance period. As any American Civil War general could tell you, having a powerful set of mutton chops or a massive beard was a symbol that you were a man’s man.

Shaving was masculine in its sophistication and mockery of the dangers of a straight razor, but it wasn’t really necessary.

The Victorian era began with Queen Victoria’s coronation in 1837 and ended with her death in 1901.

Her reign over Great Britain and Ireland set a stricter moral tone for much of European and American society.

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This article is going to be primarily concerned with how dating and courtship took place during the Victorian era.

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