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However, they don't seem to be working in this newer version. Mail keeps telling me that my settings are "out of date," but my password is current, which I have already verified.

I have been using one of these email addresses as my Windows Live/Microsoft Account/email for years and a few days ago it suddenly stopped working and no other email address I try to setup does not work either.

For the time being, let 'em keep their web mail service, because I don't seem to need if I try to login to the old bellsouth webmail using credentials for a migrated account.

Instant Messenger and even send text messages to any mobile number!

This is slowing down my internet connection, taking up a lot of hard disc space, and raises privacy concerns as all my emails are being stored on the PC. I have had the same problem with my Talk Talk email address, but I have solved it!!

How can I stop Windows Live Mail from downloading my emails? Hey, I've had the same issue and one way I've found to work around this (At least in Windows Mail) is to change the synchronization options. I simply added the same Talktalk address to create another account in Live Mail but I used manual settings. I copied all my folders over to the new Talk Talk account and deleted the old Talk Talk account. The most beautiful phone ever has one wildly annoying issue The Samsung Galaxy S8's fast speeds and fantastic curved screen make it a top phone for 2017, but the annoying fingerprint reader could sour your experience.

In the days and months since I first had this issue it SEEMS to have been resolved; either via changes, updates, upgrades, etc. It is hard for me to say what has either finally resolved this issue or simply made things better for me, but things ARE working BETTER.

These systems ever-evolving and constantly being enhanced and/or improved.

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The software logs the smtp conversation and indicates the e-mail being sucecssfully sent but the receiver never gets it. We've confirmed the e-mail address (mine for testing) via copy/paste to a regular Outlook e-mail. Is the on-line FAQ a relic from the days before AT&T/Bell South blocked off-net port 25 access?

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