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You will loose your activation if you used Quick Pwn to jailbreak your i Phone. If you are super excited about i Phone 3.0 and wish to update immediately, either make sure you jailbroke with Pwnage Tool or rejailbreak using Pwnage Tool and then do the update.

Otherwise wait for a little bit and the i Phone Dev-Team will release new Pwnage Tool and Quick Pwn utilities shortly.

Do you have an old first or second gen i Pod touch or i Phone?

If so, you’re probably pretty red-faced with jealousy about all of those cool new i OS 5 features you’re missing out on: multi-tasking, reminders, i Cloud, homescreen folders and so on. The Whited00r dev team have basically built a custom version of Apple’s official i OS 5, specially catered towards the ARM6 family of Apple devices: the i Phone 2G & 3G, and the i Pod Touch 1G and 2G.

The official App Store and Cydia (the jailbreak app store) are pre-loaded, along with App Time Machine.

App Time Machine is a Whited00r service that promises to offer many apps that have dropped support for older devices.

Otherwise wait for a little bit more and the i Phone Dev-Team will release new Pwnage Tool and Quick Pwn utilities shortly and this is what we recommend.

If you click the Update button in i Tunes to install the 3.0 firmware you will not loose your unlock. HOWEVER, if you are using the 2G i Phone on an unofficial carrier you may loose your activation.

This means that will your network will be detected but you will not be able to use your i Phone.

Whited00r supports a variety of i OS 7-style features including Push Notifications, an improved Camera app, multitasking (both i OS 7 thumbnail and legacy multitasking bar), Control Center, and its own version of Voice Control.

The custom firmware package also includes built-in support for multiple app stores.

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You just download the IPSW firmware and install it through i Tunes, just like a regular software update. Once your device has been restored using White D00r 5.1, you’ll have most of i OS 5’s best features, including multitasking, reminders, a rough approximation of i Cloud that uses Dropbox as a core, folders, Newsstand, and even custom wallpapers. Notification Center doesn’t come along with the package, and you also lose out on the App Store (although you can still buy, download and install apps through i Tunes).

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