Robert kardashian and malika haqq dating

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That's what we're there for," Khloé says in a confessional interview. Then, like a viper, she casually slips in a lethal burn on the guy who is not only stealing away her BFF, but upsetting, too.

, a show ironically intended for celebrity singles who are rehabilitating their broken hearts.

Discussing the big news (Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna), Malika downplayed the controversy pretty significantly, but she did clue in how Khlo and her sisters may be feeling about the new relationship: "I saw Rob a couple of weeks ago.

I can just say that he's going through his vibe, which kind of excludes other people from the choices that he wants to make and maybe that's him growing from whatever discomfort he may have had.

Their feud dates back to February, when Rob started dating his now-pregnant fiancée, Blac Chyna.I just look forward to his growth and his experience.And who he chooses to love, that’s his business." (Khadijah is married to Bobby Mc Cray and has one son, Christian.)The girls acknowledged that it appears Blac Chyna, 28, is doing wonders for Rob and his self-confidence. If he says so, then that’s all that matters," Khadijah told Us, while Malika added: "Then we gotta go with that right now!Malika later flips that script by pointing out to a mutual friend that Khloe has done the same thing in her recent relationship too: Unfortunately, it’s a no-no for Koko once the blame game lands on her, and what she says next leads Malika to storm out before telling Khloe to, ahem, “Shut up! — a relationship which has since ended, sadly — she just hadn't talked to her as much anymore.

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After a long talk, Khloe found out that Malika didn't want to ruin Khloe's happiness by telling her about what was going wrong in her life.

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