Rheumatoid arthritis dating sites

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Rheumatoid arthritis dating sites

I I’ve talked to a lot of people that have got my condition and have had children and gone on to have big families and they struggle but they do it, you know, because that’s what they want to do and I wouldn’t ever want to be held back from, you know, having a family just because of fear, I suppose, of what could happen or what might happen.No, that’s one thing I think that really is not concerning, but is the difficult thing because the treatments that I’m on I have to not be on when I conceive.My relationship with my current doctor is going well, but as you will soon find out, things haven’t always been so good.Early on, I think I expected too much from my rheumatologist – and when things did not go well, is was always his/her fault.Finally, she met someone who accepted her for who she was and all she’d been through, and they’ve been happily married for four years.Bueti’s story has a happy ending (she provides more details in her book, Breastless in the City), but it raises a tricky issue: How, exactly, do you broach the topic of serious illness with someone you’ve known for all of two or three dates?

How could anyone love someone who is chronically ill?When I was diagnosed I was 19 and my biggest dream was to get married and have kids.I always knew that I would be a spectacular mom, I was made for it.But add in a chronic illness and you may as well go out and buy the ‘Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit’ because you’re probably out of luck!Now hold your horses for just a second here and let me tell you my story.

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