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It seems that I’ve been successful at convincing “quality good black women” to go find themselves a white man and ignore all the “good black men” a.k.a. As far I’m concerned, a happy black woman is a wonderful thing. Judging by the compliments I’ve received from bw in bed, it’s big ENOUGH. All jokes aside, part of the reason BM are in the position they are in is because they judge too much of their masculinity and pride on something that doesn’t define a man. I’ve met tall, thick, big-hipped women with smaller “canals” so the idea that they can’t be satisfied due to body type is ridiculous. It hurts black men to see black women with white men. Interesting how people who worry about black women having sex with white men, never concern themselves with her happiness. Being a man is about a lot more than your physical body. In summer of 1951 my mom worked as a housekeeper at Camp Curry and at night she sang the Indian Love Song.

Apparently, my old, old post Why White Men are a Better Choice was interpreted (by the mentally handicapped and functionally illiterate) as a plea for black women everywhere to sex it up with all the nearest and available white men. Will everyone please help make me a multimillionaire? Nearly all of them wanted or had a husband, nearly each and every one of them was reasonably happy with a man, who happened to be white, who treated them with respect, love, devotion, and protection (emotional and financial). If they keep coming back for more, maybe I’m doing something right? Sincerely, I Chris Wrublevski am writing this letter to thank the oral aesthetic advocacy group for awarding me this generous grant of ,000. Thank you To whom it may concern I would like to take a moment out to thank you for offering this grant.Without this grant I would not be able to afford to get my teeth fixed. I have had a dental issue for many years but I could not afford to fix the issues because all the astronomic prices being quoted.Thank you so much I've been needed dental implants for quite some time now. But, thanks to the OAAG the price of the procedure was more affordable for me. I am happy to share that between your ''grant'' and Dr Lublin proposed flexible payment plan I am able to start my BIG project. I was concerned at first about if the grant was authentic. Sincerely, Dear Award Commitee I am writing to say thank you, thank you, thank you.When I got to my dental appointment and had my consultation with Dr. The ,000 grant that you have awarded me will allow me to have a very much needed dental makeover.

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Well, it’s because they don’t care about black women in the first place, but we already know that. Companionship, friendship, and emotional support during good times and bad are just as important in any relationship. Actually it’s light brown, but thanks for being interested. Choosing to identify all of your self-worth on one body part you had no control over is idiotic.

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