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The new yachts aimed to preserve the heritage of the 12-meter by establishing restrictions that would place equal weight on yacht design and seamanship skills.

The first challenge saw an Italian team, Il Moro di Venezia take on Bill Koch and Buddy Melges' America3.

If you like documentaries that can knock you for a loop, then get your tickets ASAP for this one when it comes to your town on the Human Rights Watch Festival caravan.

By forgoing archive footage and musical underscoring, this film offers instead a great mix of grim reality along with the completely absurd.

In the wake of the controversy over the Mercury Bay Challenge in 1988, a new rule was put into place.

The International America's Cup Class (IACC) was introduced to replace the 12-metre class after its 30 year stint as the preferred design.

She opened up about the good and the bad of her ex-husband’s key to her home, what it’s like being a Bravo housewife and the exciting launch of her new jewelry line. Doesn’t really matter though, because my former husband is always around. AS: He has the keys to the house and it’s for the benefit of the children. AS: When they look at themselves in the mirror and feel differently.

When they were younger we would go get manicures and pedicures and blow-outs all the time. I mean if it’s the middle of the night and one girl gets sick and I need to run downstairs to get meds, I can’t. Everyone has a different interpretation of having it all. I’m an image consultant, so I take my clients through the process of updating their hair, make-up, and body language.

One can only imagine the magnitude of the experience for those that visit in person and are forced to try to decipher the madness that was Hitler's Final Solution.

The Americans one again triumphed, but their victory was short lived.

Russel Coutts quickly mounted a challenge from Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and handily defeated Dennis Conner 5-0 with his uncannily fast "Black Magic." The IACC would bring about a series of Cup changes of hand.

With two income families the dynamic of the institution has changed. AS: The best part is being able to have alone time with my daughters. KZ: What is the most challenging part of being a single mom? For example, camp called me when my daughter got sick, not her dad. Fortunately, my client was a mom, too, so she understood. I need to outsource for everything, even to go get an aspirin. KZ: I am sure your village has helped a lot with the launch of your new jewelry line. AS: The line is a collaboration with Lane Jewelers, called Bling Jewelry.

I thought for sure he’d be making the lion share of the income, but it didn’t work out that way. KZ: What is the greatest joy in being a single mom? I really appreciate being able to see things through their eyes. KZ: You are one very busy single mom with the Bravo TV show, your consulting business and a new jewelry line. AS: A lot of it is writing everything down and being organized. I also believe that if things don’t work out the way they’re supposed to, you’ve got to have a Plan B and not lose focus.

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While the American's successfully defended the first challenge, New Zealand, held the trophy for several years.

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