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And guess what Sahara has her own eponymous swimwear line and the Swim Cindy bikini is one of her own designs.We love its clean and simple silhouette and we're not the only ones.

And because privacy clearly doesn’t exist anymore, the images also captured Bella wearing nothing but a white tank top and black Brazilian briefs. star has been photographed in recent weeks with a new man by her side, and now he's been identified as James, the son of millionaire businessman Andrew Abercrombie, whose fortune is estimated at 4 million (£443 million)."He (James) is now back in Los Angeles and they are spending a lot of time together," FRM Model Management director Stephen Bucknall told the Daily Mail.And now Beliebers everywhere are asking the question, just who is Sahara Ray?As the daughter of Australian surfing legend Tony Ray, the topless model had a profile long before she began rubbing shoulders with hormonal male pop stars.

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Model Sahara Ray is this week's rumoured new squeeze of Justin Bieber and here she is on holiday with Biebs in Hawaii complete with an indigenous lotus flower.

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