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Bradley whitford dating mary louise parker

Original Airdate 10-09-02 Rerun 04-16-03 The President (Martin Sheen) ponders the fallout of greenlighting a strike force to overtake a barricaded gang of homegrown terrorists in Idaho -- who include a young non-combatant in need of medical attention -- while his staff tries to negotiate with Bartlet's Republican rival for more, rather than fewer debates.Josh (Bradley Whitford) accuses his girlfriend Amy (Mary-Louise Parker) of stealing potential votes from Bartlet as a result of her efforts on behalf of a third-party candidate (George Coe).A chastened Sam (Rob Lowe) nixes ecology-friendly legislation for the Everglades. Finally, Donna (Janel Moloney) is dispatched to North Dakota to represent the administration at a meeting to change the state's name, with some of its citizens feeling that "North" makes people think the state is freezing, which, most of the time, it is.The President and Leo are being briefed on the trail that may lead to Abdul Shareef being named as a terrorist."Previously on the West Wing" spoken by Leo The President (Martin Sheen) is torn over forfeiting the principle of diplomatic immunity when they uncover that the Qumari Defense Minister is behind several plots to attack the U. Josh (Bradley Whitford) duels with his feminist activist lover (Mary-Louise Parker) over a key welfare reform bill.Elsewhere: Bartlet is advised not to attend a fundraiser he was looking forward to because his opponent plans to also attend. (Allison Janney) gains new respect for her Secret Service bodyguard (Mark Harmon) and discovers that she is smitten with him, and possibly he with her.

25-Nov-2002) High School: Madison East High School, Madison, WI (1977) University: Wesleyan University (1981) Conservatory: MA Theater, Juilliard School Al Franken for Senate Biden for President Dean for America Democracy for America Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee EMILY's List Friends of Hillary Gephardt for President Hillary Clinton for President John Kerry for President Midwest Values PAC NARAL Obama for America Planned Parenthood Progressive Majority Progressive Patriots Fund Voters for Choice Emmy 2001 for The West Wing Wedding: George Stephanopoulos and Alexandra Wentworth (2001) Trophy Wife Pete Harrison (2013-14) The Good Guys Dan Stark (2010) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Danny Tripp (2006-07) The West Wing Josh Lyman (Deputy Chief of Staff, 1999-2006) NYPD Blue Norman Gardner (1994) Megan Leavey (7-May-2017) Get Out (23-Jan-2017) Other People (21-Jan-2016) Saving Mr.The President is not convinced they have the evidence they need yet.In Josh's apartment, he is on the phone with Donna, while Amy dances around the apartment.Leo (John Spencer) quietly meets with a high-ranking Israeli official (Malachi Throne) to discuss mutual strategy in the wake of the Qumari assassination investigation.Original Airdate 10-16-02 While on a weekend retreat to prepare for the crucial debates, the President (Martin Sheen) is confronted with an Israeli air attack on Qumar that could enflame the Mideast -- but his accompanying staff has time to recall the Bartlet administration's first error-prone days in Washington, D. Bartlet also bitterly remembers the period for his failed nominee for Attorney General and Josh (Bradley Whitford) reminds Donna (Janel Moloney) of how her naivete almost cost her the job over a national security issue.

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Born: 10-Oct-1959Birthplace: Madison, WIGender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Actor Party Affiliation: Democratic Nationality: United States Executive summary: The West Wing College roommate of Richard Schiff.

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