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"Our culture and generation works hard, people are busy, and meeting people is becoming more difficult.

If you take a look around in public – at a coffee shop, Whole Foods, or a restaurant – everyone is looking down at their phones," says Alex Williamson, vice president of brand content for local app Bumble.

Win Butler and Regine Chasagne got married in 2003. Other bands that are comprised of couples include The White Stripes, Matt and Kim and Sonic Youth.

Do you think that it is a good idea to become romantically involved with a bandmate? The Mamas & the Papas formed in 1965 with members including John Phillips, Denny Doherty, Michelle Phillips, and Cass Elliot.

Chances are, you've already dated the people in your immediate sphere and online dating offers a way to not only widen your options but also to apply shiny algorithms to the mysteries of romance.

Michelle Phillips and John Phillips were married from 1962–1970.

The band split-up in 1968 primarily because Cass Elliot wanted to go solo.

It alleviates the pressure placed on men to be aggressive, and starts the conversation from a place of respectful intent," says Williamson.

The online/app dating world, at this point, is pretty standard.

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He has released 12 studio albums (3 of which were independently released), as well as several non-album singles and a book of sheet music.