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Like most elementary schools, most junior high schools in the 1980s were public schools and government funded; 5% were private schools.Private schools cost about ¥558,592 (US,989) per student in 1988, about four times more than the ¥130,828 (US4) that the ministry estimated as the cost for students enrolled in public junior high schools.A legal opinion on this subject can be found in the policies and regulations section on the IGHSAU website.

In response to this change, the Department of Education, the IGHSAU and the IHSAA have developed a form which MUST be filed with the appropriate organization for EACH foreign exchange student for which athletic eligibility is requested.

I’m not sure why I was so repulsed — after all, it’s nothing new that parents are strict about their daughters and dating.

That recent incident led me to explore my own ideas about how I will manage my kids’ dating lives.

Secondary education in Japan is split into junior high schools (中学校 chūgakkō), which cover the seventh through ninth grade, and senior high schools (高等学校 kōtōgakkō, abbreviated to 高校 kōkō), which mostly cover grades ten through twelve.

Lower-secondary schools cover grades seven, eight, and nine.

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My policy will be to allow them to explore dating as very soon as they want (if not sooner).

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  1. “They’ve been seeing each other for about two months,” said our insider. Everyone approves.”Yes, we’re petty and mostly reporting on this because the hair braiding bit is hilarious, and how you know this is real.